About GHI

The Good Housekeeping Institute

The Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI), founded in 1900, is situated in the Hearst Tower in New York City and is staffed by engineers, nutritionists, textile experts, home economists, and scientists. GHI tests hundreds of products every year for Good Housekeeping magazine and the Products Review Channel on GoodHousekeeping.com. GHI is composed of six labs and Good Housekeeping’s famous Test Kitchen:

Media and Tech Lab Lab

If it plugs in, operates on batteries, has wheels, is DIY related, or involves children’s equipment, it gets the attention of this GHRI lab! Whether they are testing the latest tech gadget, toy, automobile or home improvement product, they make sure the product is safe, effective, and will measure up in the real world!

Health, Beauty and Environmental Sciences Lab

In this lab, products related to health, beauty, fitness, pets, and environmental quality are reviewed. Product evaluations range from moisturizers and mascaras to insect repellents, water purifiers, pedometers, and exercise machines.

Home Appliances and Cleaning Products Lab

This lab evaluates dishwashers, washers and dryers, irons, vacuums, and other large and small home cleaning appliances as well as a wide range of cleaning products, like wood and silver polishes. Our cleaning pros advise readers on the best ways to care for their home and offer lots of smart, simple decluttering tips.

Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab

Staffed by culinary experts, this department tests every piece of cooking equipment that could possibly find its way into the American kitchen. Everything from pots and pans to coffeemakers, toasters, and mixers to ranges and refrigerators, fall under their scrutiny.

Nutrition Lab

In this lab, food products and trends, nutrition news, and weight-loss strategies are investigated. Our registered dietitian develops diets, dispenses healthy and realistic eating advice, and conducts taste tests on many foods—from granola bars to organic and traditional peanut butter to gluten-free snacks.

Paper, Plastics, and Textiles Lab

Everything made of fiber— from apparel, like bathing suits and cashmere sweaters, to home goods, including pillows and towels, to disposable paper goods is evaluated in the textiles lab for durability and appearance.

Test Kitchen

In Good Housekeeping’s famous food laboratory, each year hundreds of recipes are developed and triple tested—on a range of kitchen equipment and using different leading brands of ingredients— for the magazine, plus cookbooks and special projects. The culinary pros introduce readers to the latest culinary trends and make sure recipes are clear and consistent.